2013 –$32,000 to install a new playground.  

2013 –$3,181.82 to supply and install play equipment.  

2014 –New flashing school zone signs installed.  

2014 –Secured funding to construct a new amenities block (in Gov) 

2014 –$107,240 to support literacy and numeracy in the early years on education under the Great Results Guarantee Initiative.  

2017 –Successfully lobbied for funding from the State Government, guaranteeing a lollipop person to improve student safety along Rickwood Street near Mayfield State School.

2018 –$500 gold sponsorship for the Cinema in the Suburbs event. 

2019 –$300 bike voucher for the Active School Travel triathlon fundraiser.

2020 –$448,000 for their Sports Court Shade Structure. In working with the P&C recently, the structural plans I have been shown look fantastic.

2021 – $35,000 to construct covered walkways.

2021 – $500 Eco Grant to install a walk-in greenhouse and composting system.

2022 – $500 Eco Grant for a worm farm and composting bin.

2023 – $500 Eco Grant for environmental projects.